How To Import Mobile Presets (DNG) into Lightroom CC Mobile

  1. Install Lightroom Mobile CC

    Install the Lightroom CC app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or iTunes for Apple devices.

  2. Move DNG Files

    Move your DNG preset files to your Phone via Airdrop, Dropbox or Google Drive
    To Airdrop
    Make sure computer and iPhone are connected to the same wifi network. Right click on your DNG files and share to your phone.
    To Android
    Right click on your DNG files and download to your phone.

  3. Import Files and Create New Album

    Open Lightroom CC and Create one album – this will help you see where you put the presets. Example “Summer Presets”
    Import your all DNG files to your presets album.

  4. Copy Presets Settings

    On your phone select the picture with preset you want to use, and then click the “…” three dotsmenu on the top right of the screen and select “Copy Settings”.This will copy the Preset settings tobe used on future images.

  5. Paste Presets Settings

    Now that you’ve got the settings copied, head on back to the main screen of Lightroom mobile, and locate the image you’d like to edit . With the image selected, you’ll want to touch the “…”once more, but instead of selecting “CopyPresets”, you’ll instead want to select “Paste Settings”. This should “apply” the Preset to your image.